Sports & Activity Camp

At Camp Majer, our focus is to provide a full-week long day camp experience that helps each child develop the many facets of their unlimited potential. Our fundamental emphasis — brought home through sports and a wide range of activities and special events — is to instill strong moral and ethical standards that build character. Time-tested values such as integrity, honesty, compassion and respect are the foundation of the Camp Majer experience.

Above all else, our goal is to help our children grow into positive young people. The qualities represented by our values are emphasized and reinforced throughout all aspects of the Camp Majer experience. These values embody the spirit of the camp and are the precepts by which we live.

By partnering with parents, we strengthen the values you are teaching every day in your home. Being in a nurturing, supportive environment, but away from the immediate comforts of home and family, a child gains confidence from learning new skills and navigating new situations – and, yes, occasionally dealing with a little adversity!

We believe that children need structure. Our programs are designed to be developmentally age appropriate.

We believe in a well-rounded, diverse program that includes sports, activities, hobbies, skills, and orienteering. We believe that athletics is an important component of a well-rounded experience, but it is not the sole focus our program, especially at the younger ages. We want our Mini Majers to gain exposure to a wide range of activities so there are many avenues through which they can find their niche at Camp Majer.

Our program is designed to be fun, stimulating and challenging! We provide a broad range of activities so each child gains exposure to many different types of experiences. As your child grows, their program grows with them to make sure they are getting the type of stimulation that sustains their enthusiasm.

Sport & Activity areas include Tennis, Netball, Soccer, Touch Footy, Basketball, Softball, Cricket, Athletics. To promote camaraderie among all the children, the entire camp joins together frequently for special events such as, chalk bomb wars, movies, active play sessions, activity challenges. On the final day of camp we invite all our families to join us as we have something special planned.

Each activity program is tailored to the age and capabilities of these age groups. Each sport is always preceded by an instructional period followed by a game. Instruction is geared to age appropriate skills and attention levels.

All age groups have two Sport periods a day plus active play, hobbies and skills. 

Our numbers in each age group are sufficient so that the children play sports, go to activities, and play with other children of their age. Campers are grouped as follows:

Mini Majers: Children age groups 3-5 who are at Kindy or daycare  

Junior Majers: Children age groups 5-8 who are at Prep - Grade 2 

Senior Majers: Children age groups 8+ who are at Grade 3+

Camp Majer program available prior to your first day at camp
Camp Majer staff are Blue Card approved - Police checked and fully First Aid trained.

Camp Dates 17/12/2018 - 21/12/2018

Stafford State School 
8:30 - 3:30pm 

1 - 2  day camp    $70pd 
3 - 4  day camp    $60pd 
5       day camp     $50pd

*All prices are exclusive of GST

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