Adult Fitness Programs | Cardio Tennis in Brisbane

Majer Sports realise that maintaining your fitness level as an adult can be tough! Sometimes responsibilities get in the way of our health, or activities aren't as accessible as they used to be. This is where Majer Sports' Cardio Tennis Fitness Programs come in, providing adults of all ages with a way to get back into fitness and meet new people while you're at it. 

Our Adult Cardio Tennis Fitness Programs cater for all ages and skill levels and include;

  • Having Serious Fun! 
  • Great Fitness workout
  • High Energy sessions
  • Social Group Classes

If you want to get back into a happier, healthier you; contact Majer Sports on 0404 507 900 or use the form below to get started with one of our Adult Cardio Tennis Fitness Programs today! 


Majer Sports Adult Cardio Tennis Fitness Programs In Brisbane First Class FREE
5 Week Program
Casual Classes Available
1 Hour Classes
10 Adults per Group
Just $20+GST / Class!

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