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Majer Sports offers the very best in sports coaching and fitness coaching for children of all ages, and even adults across the greater Brisbane area. We actively encourage health and fitness and are committed to promoting and coaching sporting activities to everyone, regardless of age or skill level. Majer Sports offer premium fitness programs aimed at multi-skill development in a social environment and ensure that everyone who does so has fun!

We seek to empower people of all ages and of any skill level to play a sport and commit themselves to maintaining their health and fitness. The seeds of a healthy lifestyle are planted in a child's formative years, and grow and flourish with them as they progress into adulthood. Yet along the way some fall out of this healthy habit, as growing responsibilities take hold, we at Majer Sports make it our mission to provide you and your children with a fun and social way of being fit and healthy.

Majer Sports is the brainchild of Matthew Hilton, an accomplished Tennis and NRL coach with over 10 years valuable experience working closely with children, their families, teachers, schools, and sporting associations to promote healthy living and positive mental health. Matthew holds a current Blue Card and First Aid Certificate, and has achieved the following accolades over his career.

  • Junior Development Coach - Tennis Australia
  • Cardio Tennis Coach - Tennis Australia
  • Level 1 Coach - NRL 
  • Level 3 in Sport Coaching - Australian Institute of Education 
  • Level 3 Sports Coach - SportsUK
  • Level 2 Fitness Coach - EKU8 Training 
  • Level 1 Boccia Coach - Boccia England 

For us, playing a sport isn't all about winning, it's about having fun and staying healthy, developing a healthy sense of self-esteem and physical literacy rather than only playing to win. We encourage everyone to get in touch with Majer Sports to start - or continue - your fitness journey! 

Blue Card Approved
First Aid Certificate
Sports Psychology
Anatomy & Physiology

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