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Fitness Programs For Children & Adults In Brisbane

Fitness Programs For Children & Adults In Brisbane

For the very best in sports coaching and fitness programs in Brisbane for children of all ages, and adults alike; look no further than Majer Sports.

We actively believe that health and fitness are paramount in developing both mind and body, and are a great source of fun and social engagement! Our fitness programs in Brisbane are conducted in a fun and welcoming environment, and are suitable for any skill level.

Majer Sports offer our clients premium fitness programs in Brisbane aimed at multi-skill development in a holistic manner. Adults are certainly welcome too, Majer Sports are proud to offer Cardio Tennis programs for those of us who want to get back into fitness, make friends or simply have a bit of fun!

If you’d like to enrol your child in one of Majer Sports’ fitness programs in Brisbane, or perhaps you’d like to sign up to our Cardio Tennis program, give Matt a call on 0404 507 900 or simply use the form below!

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